Engrave Your Relationships On Jewelry

If you want to create lasting memories, nothing beats 3d photo crystal. Unlike regular photo papers, which can fade, curl and wrinkle over the years, 3d photo crystal remains intact forever. If you have been wanting to capture special moments in your life and preserve them forever, 3d photo crystal paper is definitely the way to go. It can last for decades, even if stored properly and can even be personalized to fit your personal home or office.

There are many different kinds of 3d photo crystals. The most popular ones are clear, frosted, and colored ones. The clear ones let light through freely through them, and they are great for showing off special details, like an intricate flower or a bird. If you want to really draw attention to that special detail, go for the colored ones.

You can also use these photo crystal gifts in hallways or reception halls. As they are crystal, they stand out in a crowd and create a dramatic atmosphere. The recipients will also be touched by such a unique gift, which is rare to find. It would definitely get the reception and the party going.

Engraving machines that produce 3d photo crystals can be costly. For this reason, some people tend to choose other methods of personalization. There are also kits that you can order online to do this task for you. But it would be best if you would have the crystals engraved personally so that you can control exactly how the design would look like before it is engraved on the jewelry.

You can have your photo etched on the side of the jewelry with a 3d photo crystal engraver. This way you can control exactly how the photo will look on the side of the pendant or bracelet. You can also make the photo look like it is floating on the air by using a high-powered laser at the base of the necklace. This is something that would be much more impressive than if the photo was merely engraved.

If you would like to create a necklace or bracelet for someone, you may also want to use 3d photo crystal engraving to make it more interesting. For example, if you would like to give your girlfriend a gift, you could engrave the name of your engagement ring in the center with her initials. Or, if you would like to give an item to your friend as a birthday or holiday present, why not engrave his or her full name and the date of birth on it? This is just one idea. With all the varieties that are available, you can surely find something that your loved one will absolutely love and appreciate.

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